94.7 Highveld and Samsung launch Star Power – an interactive Radio-App Game

Highveld and Samsung - Star Power

If you think about it, Radio is the original social network where people share ideas, concepts, music hot topics of the day and where staying connected and informed is key. 94.7 Highveld is always thinking one step ahead and has fast-forwarded this connected-concept to the mobile loving South Africans.

In yet another world-first, Highveld 94.7 Radio and Samsung have teamed up to develop a highly interactive mobile phone app that marries live radio content with real-world action – Star Power.

Darren Simpson with the Samsung S4

Star Power is an app that is downloaded on to the GPS-enabled smartphone. Once logged into the app, the mission is to collect a star and keep it. The app will show you where you are and where the stars are after the radio presenters open the game and make these stars available. Keeping an ear open for clues and the eyes on the road, listeners are able to use the Star Power app to locate stars and claim them.

What makes this game interesting is that other players can “steal” your star if they are within 100meters of you – so you got to keep moving and be crafty to hold onto your star.

Adding a further interactivity element (and pressure) – the radio presenters could call you and offer you money to buy the star from you. Stars have a value in both cash and prizes and so you have to make the impossible decision: do you sell or keep the start with the hope to win bigger prizes !

Keep the star when the game closes and see what you could have won and even be called live on air too!

The app is currently in the Google Play store and the Apple Store and soon will be on BlackBerry World too.

I think this is going to be an awesome interactive game that the nation will play. The games starts on the 3rd of June, so if you see people running “late” for a meeting or forgetting to fetch kids from school or “going away” suddenly – chances are that they have a star and don’t want to loose it !

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16 thoughts on “94.7 Highveld and Samsung launch Star Power – an interactive Radio-App Game

  1. Still very upset that this app is NOT available for any of the Nokia phones on the market, especially the Windows Phones!

    How can it be said that the app can be downloaded onto ANY GPS-enabled smartphone?!?!?!
    Nokia Lumias are fantastic GPS-enabled smartphones, but as per the last time this competition ran, we were all left out!

    Not nice Highveld!
    Next time, make sure that we can ALL play!!!!

  2. I feel the same why, I’d love to play this game but I can’t get the download on my Nokia Lumia. Highveld please get this app working for us too! Sounds like an Awesome competition!

  3. Wanted to download the app for my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and it says it’s not compatible? How is it not compatible if it has 3G? I want to play too. Please tell me how:(

  4. Yay:) All working now! Thanks so much if you helped sort it out:)
    My cousin has the Blackberry 9900 running on the OS 7.1 but the app won’t work. Any advise on that?

  5. I could understand why Samsung would not make the game available to users with other devices BUT I have a Samsung Ativ500 tablet with Windows and the game is ot available for me either . . .poor show!!!

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