7 must know Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy s5 - tips and tricks

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was announced in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress and then the world could see that Samsung was yet again onto a winner.  I must admit that I had underestimated just how much is packed into the Galaxy S5 and only after having spent some time with it, I realise just how good the Galaxy S5 actually is. This is not my S5 review – for that I need more time to test drive this baby in the real world. The one thing that immediately strikes you is that Galaxy S5 is fully loaded with every bell and whistle and app and facility. However, this has its downside.  If this is your first Galaxy experience you could feel a bit intimidated with all these features – especially if you are new to Android operating system. But do not panic as there are helpful step by step instructions to help you set up the phone and allow you to explore. So here are some Galaxy s5 tips and tricks that you should be aware of.

7 must know Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Use the Finger:

Galaxy s5 - tips and tricksGalaxy s5 - tips and tricks

Starting with the obvious whoohaa that has every cell phone manufacturer jumping – unlocking the phone with a finger scanner. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has the finger scanner built into the “home” button so you can unlock you device by simply running your finger over the scanner. Of course you need to set that up which you can do by going into Settings > Finger Scanner > Fingerprint Manager.  You will then be prompted on how to set up your finger to unlock the phone.

But there is more.

If you tap on the Features List, you are able to use the same fingerprint scanner to identify yourself instead of entering password. So you can use this method to confirm purchases.

Save Power:

Galaxy s5 - tips and tricksGalaxy s5 - tips and tricksGalaxy s5 - tips and tricks

There are in fact two power saving options on the S5. The first is the Power Saving Mode that allows you to block background data, reduce the time the screens stays on, reduce the power of the processor, turns off hungry resources like GPS and back-key light.

This is a good enough option when you know you will get to a charger soon and still need the phone to operate as close to regularly as possible.

You access this mode by: Settings > Power Saving > Power Saving Mode > On

If you are in serious battery trouble, then you use the Ultra power saving mode. This mode changes the phone into greyscale (ie no colours) and severely reduces the number of apps that you can use. Besides getting rid of colour, it will also turn off mobile data when the screen switches off and disconnect connectivity to WiFi and Bluetooth. You can still make and receive phone calls so your phone is still useable for those emergencies. This mode also estimates how many hours/ days of batty life you will have if you turn the mode on.

Its looks ultra-freaky and your heart does skip a beat as the mode is enabled and you see your screen reduce to a couple of buttons but it certainly does the job.

You access this mode by: Setting > Power Saving > Ultra power saving mode > On

Open the Toolbox:

Galaxy s5 - tips and tricksGalaxy s5 - tips and tricks

Toolbox is perfect when you use the phone one-handed and want quick access to specific apps. When you enable Toolbox, a little floating circle appear on the screen. When you tap on it the apps you selected are listed with little icons so you don’t have to go looking for them.

I set mine up for Calculator, Google Maps, Memo, Voice Recorder and Shazam. Items I want to find quickly.

Toolbox is accessible from the Quick Setting or under Setting > Sound and Display section.

Be More Sensitive:

Galaxy s5 - tips and tricks

Its getting colder and you see that your brand new device isn’t responding so nicely when swipe or tap because you have gloves on. You can simply increase the Galaxy S5’s sensitivity so it responds better and you don’t have to take your gloves off.

Settings > Display > Increase touch sensitivity (right at the bottom)

For the Kids:

Galaxy s5 - tips and tricksGalaxy s5 - tips and tricksGalaxy s5 - tips and tricksGalaxy s5 - tips and tricks

If you have kids you know that they love your phone. Now that the S5 is water proof and dust resistant, you are less worried about the phone landing up in the sand-pit and then rinsed to clean it again, but the can still prank call your boss.

So Samsung has pre-installed a Green Dinosaur solution for you known as Kids Mode. During the quick setup, you can select which apps the kids can access and lock the apps they can’t. What is great about the app is that it changes the entire screen to make it kids-friendly and not just “disable” the other apps. It hides the app you have allowed under gift-wrapped boxes for the kids to open, it has a drawing app, and the camera has the ability to add icons such as moustaches, googly eyes and glasses.  There is  great voice app that allows you to record your voice and the S5 plays it back in other different character voices. All the kids artwork and pics are stored separately from the main gallery so there is no chance of one of their creative artwork sneaking its way into your presentations.

The app not only keep track of which apps the kids used and how much time the kids spend on the phone, but also allows you to set Daily playtime limit.

Quick Connect:

Galaxy s5 - tips and tricks

If you want to share something with another S5 user, you can use the Quick Connect which is available from the Quick Setting icon. Once you tap into it, it will list all the nearby device that have Quick Connect enabled. The two phones make a connection and you can share content with each other. This takes the complexity of pairing Bluetooth or sharing over a WiFi and can be done ad-hoc and switched off just as easily.


Galaxy s5 - tips and tricks

Samsung has extended the ability to have multiple apps open at the same time to the Galaxy S5. The screen is large enough to have Google Maps running at the top half of the screen and  Email at the bottom or YouTube playing whilst browsing the web. Whilst you still can not add your own apps to the list, this is still a great feature on the S5.

To activate this select Multi Windows from Quick Settings. Then hold the Back button and you will see a little arrow appear on the left side of the phone (you can hold the Back button to hide that arrow too). Tap that arrow and the app list opens. Now drag an app to the top and an app to the bottom and your are multi tasking.

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