4 out of 10 users are harassed online check your social profile with this free tool

4 out of 10 are harassed online–here is a free Social Media Scanner to protect yourself

Quick: name the most popular social network?

The answer to this question usually results in Twitter and Facebook . And its no wonder as Twitter has over 271 million active monthly users and Facebook has over 1317 million active monthly users. While these networks are so popular with users from across the globe, these networks also could pose some risks – specifically those accounts that have not been set up correctly are vulnerable to abuse.

The abuse comes in all forms ranging form anyone looking to scam the profile owner, to those looking to bait the owner into clicking and installing virused software, to those who use the information in the accounts to access private systems such as email or banking.  According to a recent survey  released the Pew Research Center 4 out of 10 of Web users have been harassed online and about 73% of the Web users surveyed said they’ve witnessed someone being harassed online. This abuse varies in degrees from stalking, to sexual harassment to physical threats and are often aimed at women.

This is where the Social Media Scanner from Eset comes to help.

Eset is an IT security company who is well known for their anti-virus software NOD32 and their Smart Security software. Taking their learning from providing security to internet users over the years, the company has made their Social Media Scanner available to anyone for free.

The scanner that will trawl through your Twitter and Facebook accounts and will determine if there are any vulnerabilities. The scanner collects information and shows the user exactly the level of privacy that their account is set at. The scanner also makes recommendation as to what needs to be done in order to better secure your profile. The system will also scan all DM, Messages and posts for any malicious links.  All this without any installation of any software.

I would strongly suggest that you run your profile through this scanner and encourage family members to do the same – especially kids.

How to check your social account for vulnerabilities ?

Head over to https://socialmediascanner.eset.com/ and sign up at no cost.

Click on these buttons to authorise the system to access your accounts:


Both Twitter and Facebook will now be scanned and be available inside your profile:


When you click on View Details and then on Security Center, you will see the level of privacy that your accounts are set at along with recommendations on how to improve the security




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