4 apps every parent should know about – the kids do


Kids are smart. In fact they are too smart especially when it comes to technology.

Adults often joke that when they cant work out how to do something technological they just call in their 8 year old to sort it out. However this tech-gap between us and our kids has become an issue especially in a non-tech savvy household. As parents we know all about the bad stuff that is out on the web and we try to protect out kids as best as we know how, however when kids are not taught WHY they should not be using certain sites or app then they simply manage to get around any “restrictions” that are placed on them.

When I gave my kids their first cell phone – I made sure they understood what it meant so I created the 10 non-negotiable rules for cell phone usage with kids

Arthur Goldstuck and Nikki Bush recently published a book about Tech-Savy Parenting where, amongst many things,  they discuss the fear that kids have when it comes to technology. One of the big fears kids have is that their tech devices would be taken away from them if they report being cyber bullied or have broken one of the household rules. These and other behaviours are examined in the book along with what to do and how to handle various situations.

Facebook and Porn

Parents know the two basics: Facebook and Porn. Rules are simple: don’t make friends with people you don’t know. No Porn.

The more techy parents change the Facebook setting to private and cool parents would discuss social media app like Twitter.

Those really in-the-know would set rules for Instagram and SnapChat too.

However, there are many more apps that kids seem to know about and adults do not. Therefore when kids are told specifically do not use Instagram, they simply use another app that is exactly like Instagram and technically not breaking any rules !

4 app that all parents need to be aware of:

Disclaimer – these apps are not designed to be creepy and some are in fact very good apps. However, like with everything, these are open to abuse.


Name: Ask.fm – http://ask.fm/

Description: It is a website and an app that allows people to post anonymous question to anyone. The “owner” would then reply or answer those question.

Dangerous because: As it is anonymous, this “survey” type of site is often used for cyber bullying where hurtful or deliberately placed questions are posted. All questions and answers uploaded are open for all to see.

Where can it be found: typically this is set up in various common apps’ profile such as Instagram or Twitter.

In this example: I found a profile by randomly entering any name and being able to go through the questions and answers. In this one, this girl freely gave out her Snapchat username to an anonymous person who asked for it. She was also asked about nude photos. are the two related? I think so.

Can be set to Private: NO



Name: GifBoom  – http://gifboom.com/

Description: Like Instagram where users upload photos and videos to the network and these are shared with followers.

Dangerous because: like all social networks, people can comment for all to see. Users can also “reboom” any images they like and share them with other, so images spread fast across the network.

In this example: this user uploaded her pic which instantly received very sexual comments.

Can be set to Private: Yes. You can set your profile to Private but the setting are hidden. To do that: Click on Profile, Settings, Advance Settings, GIFs are Private – set that to on.


Name:  Pheed

Description: This is a social networking app where users upload photos, video and audio to share with followers.

Dangerous because: user of the app can create a “pheeder” channel where they can charge a free for people to view their channel. There is a “review team” that will look at each channel to approve it.

In this example: this user has a link to website that features girls with weed paraphernalia.

Can be set to Private: Yes. Setting are easily accessible: Profile, Settings, Set to Private


Name: Keek

Description:  Users can upload a 36 second video and share it with their followers

Dangerous because:  users can comment, like and share the video content

In this example: drugs were openly sold on this person’s profile.

Can be set to Private: Yes. Settings, Privacy, Set My Account To Private.

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