101 million users use Evernote and never forget

101 million users use Evernote

Evernote, the app the works across all platforms and allows you to store your notes in the “cloud”,  has hit a major milestone with 101 million users who use the system from 190 countries.

The 101 million users are broken down as follows:

  • Asia Pacific  – 35 million users
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa –  31 million users
  • US and Canada –  27 million users
  • Latin America  – 8 million users

Evernote’s release goes on to say that when looking at their marketing and promotion spend, they calculate that they spend the equivalent of 1 cent per user.  Out of the 100 million users, 88 million downloaded the app directly and 13 million were referred by a partner.

whilst the popular “remember everything” app is Evernote, there are several products that make up the suite:

101 million users use Evernote 

Evernote lists it breakdown per product as follows:

101 million users use Evernote

To download Evernote check out their site here and check out Evernote Business which is also available in South Africa for R80  – check that out here

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