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It the time of year when people look back and ask themselves the hard questions: Have I had a good year ? Am I happy where I am ? Should I look at making any changes for next year ?

How has the recruitment market changed and has it kepts up with technology and the mobile work force ?

I set up an exclusive interview with Jessica McEndoo from an Jobs.co.za to find out about the jobs and the recruitment environment.


Q1) Tell me a bit about Jobs.co.za

Basically we are an online technology partner for all things recruitment.

We have taken a unique approach in that we have an aggregation model with various content partners, such as Mining Weekly, Engineering News, twitjobsearch etc, focusing on increasing not only your job ad exposure but also (and most importantly) your brand exposure to both the active and passive jobseeker market.

Q 2) How do you manage to get to the passive market?

Well, Jobs.co.za is ranked #1 on Google for ‘jobs’ search in SA and our system integrates with social media platforms, your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, to go where your targeted and desired candidates are very active. It all works on saving you admin time, because as a recruiter the more time you save the better it is for you to do the important things like interviews or your managing your client relations.

What is great for companies hiring is that their actual brand, due to us using Google adwords and social media to match their specific recruitment strategy, gains increased exposure in their specific industry to attract those candidates.

Once your brand shows up time after time to that target market, people start to recognise and associate you as a preferred employer in that particular space. This ties in with the all important referral mode. That is “I might not be looking right now, but everyone has a price to make them make that move” and “I might not be interested but I might know of someone who is in the market or thinking of making that all important career change”

Q3) You mentioned about saving admin time. How can your system help a recruiter do this?

When advertising a position, a lot of time is spent on time wasters. Not only do unsuitable candidates CV’s clog your inbox but then as a recruiter you have to wade through the endless CV’s just to get your shortlisted candidates.

We have integrated a weighted system for screening your applications, so that you can better manage the applicants and save on that admin time.

Also included is our unique screening questions, where as a recruiter you set up questions that  candidates have to answer(500 character text questions not just Yes/ No answers) this instantly weeds out the non suitable candidates.

The best tool though is saving on trolling through the database, through our matching facility on placing your adverts, you click one button and can view candidates who ‘match’ your criteria and invite them to apply. Simple.

Q4) What else do you offer in your solution?

We encompass everything to grow your brand, we have an extensive (up to date) database, the ranking of #1 on Google, Social media, our mobisite (which by the way had over 80 000 unique visitors in the 1st 3 weeks of the launch) and we offer branding; from anything on the home page, jobseeker newsletter to category branding, all of which can be targeted to meet your exact needs. We have a great Social media workshop to show you how to make the best of these tools available and how to fit them into your unique strategy.

So we’ve really built our strategy around helping our clients increase their brand exposure, while saving admin time in recruiting their perfect candidates for their positions available.

We also offer clients the option to build and grow their own talent pool through RecruitSwift (a Careers Website and Recruitment Management System) This again builds on your own  talent, brand and saves you from ‘fishing in the same talent pool’. RecruitSwift can be integrated into your own website and for the smaller firms they can actually use RecruitSwift as their website, so everyone has the opportunity to build on their employing brand.

In my personal opinion, mobile which I love ( crucial in SA and Africa ), Social media, geotargeting and the passive jobseeker market are the way forward for 2012. It is so important to set yourself apart from the other recruiters and having a technology partner who understands your business and works with you, through an integrated approach with these available tools is what will differentiate you from the others and make you an employer that candidates will be happy to work for, ensuring growth, which is always key in business and make your brand a brand that people want to talk about

So in summary:

It would seem like Jobs.co.za has not only kept up with technology but has embraced it as a key tool in their service. By integrating into the Social Media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook as well as using Google Adwords, they have ensured best brand positioning for their clients. Jobs.co.za have also recognised that they need to offer surrounding services which they have done with their portal (workincapetown.co.za)  where they offer not only jobs in Cape Town, but also transports routes & property information – Durban and Johannesburg are next in line.

If the rest of their team are as excited & passionate as Jessica is, I am sure we will see more innovation and I look forward to seeing how they develop their offering into the Mobile platform and perhaps rest of Africa.

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