Vodacom unveils BlackBerry 10 contract pricing at launch event


The atmosphere is buzzing with excitement as BlackBerry fans line up just waiting for the doors to open. Fingers are are inches away from getting their own BlackBerry Z10.


Speaking to various Team BlackBerry fans, I notice that there are those those who are current BlackBerry owners and those who were BlackBerry users but are now using other phones. Both are here for the same purpose – to get back to BlackBerry.

I asked some fans what made them come out here tonight to queue just to be the first to have the Z10:

“I have been waiting so long, and I have read every review, saw every video clip and just could not wait any longer” explains Ashraf who drove in from Boksburg.

Melenie shares the excitements and says that “its about time. I have been holding back on my upgrade just waiting for this phone. I simply cant wait a minute longer. By tomorrow I will be going to work with my new Z10”

When I asked about which features fans were excited about, the four that stood out were : BBM, Flic-my-words-Keyboard, Time Shift Camera and Apps.

I was particularly interested in those who were in the line who have moved away from BlackBerry and I asked them what made them come back to BlackBerry. Their answers were a mix of excitement and almost-shame as they felt the need to “confess” that they had moved away from BlackBerry when it was no longer cool when everyone else had apps. BBM was just not a strong enough to keep them carrying a BlackBerry. “But we are back !” they hasten to add “and we know that BlackBerry is back too”

What I find interesting is that no one mentioned BIS and the lack thereof. Those who currently carry another brand of phone don’t have BIS so for them it was a non-issue, however even those who are currently BlackBerry 7 owners did not mention BIS at all. As someone semi-eloquently pointed out “I don’t mind paying for an incredible Internet connection and not be throttled because some kid is downloading gigabytes of porn”

eh…no arguing with that….

The pricing mystery is finally revealed.

Vodacom’s is offering the BlackBerry Z10 with unlimited BBM until the 31st May with all of the following contracts :

Vodacom BlackBerry Z10 contract prices

Vodacom will start selling the Z10 from today at Vodaworld and at their stores nationwide on the 22nd February

According to the official Vodacom press release “A new BBM VAS offer will be launched from 1 June 2013; pricing information will be available closer to launch. Terms and conditions apply.” If I read between the lines and with a bit of hope, lets hope that  BBM will be free going forward…

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