Twitter gives an insider view from the Olympics & sets new record

Olympic 2012

The Olympics have started and thanks to TV coverage even if we aren’t fortunate enough to be at the Olympics we can still be “there” and part of the action.

But if you really want to get an insiders view, there is nothing better than getting onto Twitter. And it seems that everyone is doing just that. According to a post on Twitter’s blog by Chloe Sladden, VP of Media:

“Even today, heading into the Opening Ceremony, we’re already seeing more Tweets about the Olympics in a single day than we did during the entire Beijing games in 2008. (Yes, you read that right.)”

Even the London Eye is receiving Tweets:

From a barge by the London Eye, software automatically analyses Olympic-related tweets and based on their content it lights up the London Eye in different colours. Yellow will represent positive mood on the Twitterverse and Purple will represent negative sentiments.

If you don’t know where to begin, here are some suggestions:image

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