Technology Center encourages kids to use virtual reality

Technology Center

There is a reason why children have no fear of technology – they simply grow up with it and it is part of life. It is not an alternative as there is no alternative. Technology is the future of their entire world that they are growing up in.

This is exactly what Israel is encouraging by building technology centres that are free  and encourage kids to play with technology.

The Center is packed with various tech from virtual reality to Xbox with Kinect to projectors that respond to the kids movements.

Kids are encouraged to interact and use all the games which they seems to instinctively pick up. What was amusing to see was how the 6 year old kids were teaching their parents how each device works and how to advance to the next level.

Kids have no fear of interacting with objects that are not there. With “virtual objects” such as kicking a soccer ball into the net or using their body to control an avatar to catch falling chicken eggs or jumping over hurdles that aren’t there.

According to the Center director, the thinking behind the Technology Center is to provide kids with the confidence to be immersed in the technology and give children the confidence to use the entire body as wireless remote control to direct objects on the screen and not worry “on how they look”.

A country that invests so heavily in the children sees the rewards. Its no wonder that Israel’s main export is Technology when 6 year old can explain virtual reality…

jumping and avoiding objects kicking a virtual soccer ball

Catching falling eggsManipulating a fishing virtual rod

riding the rapidsManipulating a fishing virtual rod

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