Tech of the Week: my interview on SAfm Radio

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On Tuesday, I the pleasure to be interviewed on SAfm by Ashraf Garda (@ashrafgarda1)where we discussed various Technology stories making headlines:

Gadget of week: Blackberry10 – Blackberry is going to announce on the 30th Jan 2013 the availability of the new Blackberry10 operating system (and two phones)

The 5 Tech stories:

1. MTN announces collaboration with Qualcomm at Mobile Monday:

2. Hi Fi corp launches new ecommerce site finally signalling major moves into online ecommerce

3. Exclusive: Behind the scene at the Nedbank Mobile App Suite – Nedbank reveals some vital stats on their banking app

4. Tech 4 Africa – companies wishing to work in Africa need to realise that we are not the US or Europe. We do things the African way.

5. Windows Phone 8 – 120 000 pre-vetted apps and other cool stuff that Windows phone 8 has to offer –

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