Cool Tool: Solar Jar–gets you free light & looks awesome too

Sometime we stumble on things that are cool. But this is not only cool but useful too !

Lets be honest, we are not all doing absolutely everything we can to lessen the burden on the electricity grid which results in blackouts.

This is exactly what happened to me the other night. It was around 7pm and all of a sudden the entire neighbourhood was pitch black. My two young kids were not impressed and I must be honest, I felt very uneasy too.

20120801_140016I have emergency halogen lights which automatically switched on, however these died and we still had homework to do ! Candles around kids and reading books were not a good combination. I  then remembered that I have the prefect solution which was on the shelf the whole time. It was my Solar Jar.

Its a regular glass jar that has a solar panel on the top of the lid and a light underneath. As soon as you switch it on you get free light !

With the soft steady light that it produces, my eldest daughter managed to finish her home work, I quickly rushed through a bed time story thinking that the charge on the light will end at any moment. I didn’t have to worry as by midnight it was still still going strong. That is over 5 hours later !

I have now lost custody of the Solar Jar as my kids have adopted it where it is kept in their room for emergencies (and for playing when its dark)

What a great South African product. Simple and ingenious made locally. I see now that the company has branched out to have solar jar with different colours and even logos – If you are looking for a corporate gifts that aren’t tossed in the bottom drawer, this is a corporate gift that is a real keeper…

Since we live in a country that is mainly sunny, I am surprised that we don’t have more of these types of gadgets in our homes.

[note: this is not a paid for commercial/ advertorial post – I just dig this !]

Solar Jar - offSolar Jar - onSolar Jar - panels

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