Social War: Twitter is one Angry Bird–stop it !

Twitter in one Angry BirdThere has never been a more depressing time to open up any Social Network. I am not sure when it happened but it seems like everyone is now a Middle East Conflict expert weighing in and Re-Tweeting and commenting and sharing everything that comes their way with the hashtag #Gaza #Israel #Hamas.

wtf ?!?

Like most people, I choose to follow people on Twitter based on their professional opinions not on their newly found conflict-resolution expertise which frankly, unless you have lived through any of this conflict first hand, you wouldn’t know whats it like.

I am so surprised to see how many professionals and so-called Social Media experts have abandoned basic principles of social networking and are justifying their bullshit propaganda comments by “we cant sit idle”… eh…where were you when Syrian kids are being killed? where were you when SA couple were kidnapped by Somali pirates? where were you during the South African Child sex slave crises ? Tweeting about your work thats where.

I too have an opinion on what’s going on there. Unlike a lot of arm-chair retweeters, I did live through it first hand. But people read my blog or follow me on Twitter for my Tech view not for my “I have a twitter account and now can spew out Who-Started-It-and-who-is-justified” crap.

In August, I wrote an article titled: Religion, Politics and Sex – do they mix with your business Social Network ?


I suggest that before you taint your timeline, remember why you have a Social network account in the first place. If it is for your Middle East conflict opinion – good for you. Now I can choose to follow you or not. But if your account is around your professional opinions – stick to those and leave your comments, informed or ill-informed, to your mates and social circles not your professional circles. You never know who you will offend and who you will alienate.


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