Sanral’s e-toll secures top spot on complaints site HelloPeter

Sanral and e-toll secures top spot on complaint site HelloPeter

What do you do when you have a complaint and no one is helping you sort it out ? naturally you go online. One favourite destination is

For those who have not used it before, HelloPeter offers a location where you can upload your gripe and it gives a chance for the company to respond. You can then comment if you are happy with the response or not.

HelloPeter is being watched carefully by many companies as its a place to stop unhappy customers from doing their brand’s reputation more damage.

Sanral is one company has obviously not heard of HelloPeter as they have done nothing to engage with their unhappy clients. In the short time that e-toll has been around, Sanral has managed to secure themselves a  top spot in the list of of companies that people have complaints against and they have chosen not to respond and rather stay away.

Sanral secures top spot on complaint site HelloPeter

Complaints against Sanral and e-toll range from from bad attitude, to lack of feedback, to broken e-toll tags and as expected Billing queries are the top ranked complaint overall:

Sanral secures top spot on complaint site HelloPeter

These complaints and their content can be seen  at:

Sanral secures top spot on complaint site HelloPeter

It would seem the people that have registered complaints HelloPeter are being responded to by a very angry mob that has been asking why they bothered to buy the e-tag in the first place and now they deserve all the aggravation of dealing with Sanral. Even those with positive Sanral experiences are being met with harsh criticism for using the e-tag system.

The South African public is being referred to the TollCrusher protest page on Facebook that has over 101 000 Likes.

Sanral has a real issue on their hands. It might be too late to fight the tide of unhappiness in South Africa and it seems that for now,Sanral isn’t even engaging with the aggrieved at all – not a great strategy to win people over.

UPDATE 29 Jan 2014:

It looks like SANRAL has finally heard for HelloPeter and has started to respond to complaint. Unfortunately whoever it the chief-complaint-responder has no clue how to handle the complaints as all responses are these copy-and-paste messages:


There is no follow up and not thought that goes into this reply. This is evident as even the handful of compliments for SANRAL receive the exact same “thank you for your query. It is receiving attention. SANRAL will revert with a response.”


At the time of  the original posting on the 12th of December, SANRAL had 61 complaints. This has now shot up to 352 reports:


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