Samsung launches new SuperSport app for even more action…

Samsung smart TV hubDSTV SuperSport

oh oh – Samsung is going to be in trouble with the ladies…this time they have gone too far ! Together with DSTV, the have launched the new SuperSport TV application designed specifically for the Samsung Smart TV.

So now, not only can you get all your sporting fixes on your Samsung TV, but now you have an app that gives you even more in depth action. I have a feeling that the ONLY action sports fanatics will get is on TV and no where else… #justsaying

As we know, Samsung Smart TV’s can be connected to the internet using wired or wireless connectivity to access this app and many others.  This app in conjunction with DSTV is a widget that smartly resizes internet content for the larger screen.  So if you are a lucky Samsung Smart TV owner you will be able to access the latest digital content for live sporting updates. This includes pictures and a news ticket feed to ensure you don’t miss the action as it happens. The SuperSport application is available on all Samsung Smart TVs through the Smart Hub

Says Justin Shaw, Business Leader for Visual Display at Samsung Electronics South Africa; “This is an exciting development for our consumers; the application will enhance the SuperSport viewing experience by allowing them to watch live content whilst getting updates via the ticker, as well as access richer content with picture and text capabilities.


Graeme Cumming, General Manager: DStv Online Portals, confirmed that “We are always experimenting with new and exciting ways of delivering sports content to our audience and this seemed like a good place to start. We will continue to experiment with new technologies, and in doing so, we aim to delight our users on multiple platforms."

Interesting to note that:

  • Samsung boasts more than 1000 apps.
  • Across 120 countries.
  • Has surpassed 10 million downloaded apps.

I think the app should comes with a warning like all those gambling sites:

“Samsung supports responsible home life. Winners know when to stop. Take the family out to dinner after the match call: 0800 0000000”

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