Pre-paid card–a great solution for safe online transactions

Pre-paid credit card

There are still many people who will simply not put their credit card information online. No matter how secure the site is. FULL STOP.

On the one hand they are right. There are many reported cases (and probably even more unreported cases) where information is hacked and stolen. Identity Theft is a real issue and can ruin people’s credit rating and literally their lives.

On the other hand – everything is going towards ecommerce where virtual transactions are the only way to transact.

So how do you keep your baking details safe AND still take part in this virtual word we live in ?

Simple solution: Pre-paid credit card.

pre-paid credit card

Yip, good old pre-paid card like we are all used to in the cell phone space, however this time it is a pre-paid disposable credit card.

If you think about it, a credit card is a number, expiry date and security number. It doesn’t have to be a physical card when used on the internet.

In the US and Israel is where I encountered these. At most convenience store you simply buy them off the shelf and pay the denomination on them. You now have a credit card to use until your amount is depleted – exactly like the pre-paid air time voucher.

With some cards you can even top them up again and even withdraw money from an ATM. Other card are simply discarded once the amount is depleted.

pre-paid credit card

So in summary:

If you are keen to shop online but weary, this is a great option. Whilst system like PayPal are a real option, this is simple, easy to control and extremely safe.

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