Personally Confirmed: BBM abroad works over WiFi with no international roaming. However…

Before I left South Africa, I was struggling to find the answer to How to Roam internationally without those insane bills. I posted questions and received answers from people who have done it in the past. This can be found here. I like to test things personally so I took two phones with me overseas and I can finally put this one to bed and personally confirm that Blackberry services used abroad on a WiFi network with no international charges works. Here is what I did :

I have two Blackberries :

The first phone, I have NO international roaming at all (not even SMS)

The second phone, I have enabled international Roaming and then before I left South Africa, I SMSed “Roamon” to 123 (Vodacom in South Africa) and it put my phone to received SMS only.

I am now overseas, on a WiFi networks and all Blackberry services such as Mail and BBM work perfectly on BOTH phones.

So finally, we have an answer to this mystery – if you want to know how to do it, check out this


I put in a local SIM card that doesnt have Blackberry Services on it in the one phone only to discover that after doing that the Blackberry Services NO LONGER worked over WiFi !!

I then put in my SA SIM back in the phone and the Blackberry Services DO NOT come back.

so it seems like it lost the APN connection and when I compare it to my “working bbm phone”, it looks like the Blackberry certificates are no longer here and so far I cant seem to find a way to manually add them…


  1. I had the same problem. I bought my Blackberry in USA, I activated it with a local provider in Argentina and now, I’m in Italy. I bought a sim card here but since I put this sim card on my BB the mail and the BB chat does not work, even in places with wifi. Did you find a solution for this problem?

    1. there is no solution for the problem. As soon as you take out the old SIM card and put in the new local one, it removes all the settings (routing) for your Argentina network so you can not use BB email or BB chat even on a wifi network.
      very disappointing that we cant manually add those back in…

  2. Nazarena you have to activate the BB services on the italian mobile company that you bought, it will cost about 9 euro each month and all bb services will be back. To verify is BB service is on you can che the network connection, it should be wrote in capital letter (EDGE – GPRS – 3G).

  3. Email from Desmond:


    I am in germany Ffurt now, i have no roaming, and activated wifi using the hotel wifi, and used BBM as a charm,logged in as a hotspot,

    Best Regards,

    Desmond C

    Marketing Director

  4. Would this still be true if one could get the apn username and password from let’s say Vodacom and then manually enter them?

  5. Thanks for all this.Very useful.Will use wi-fi in US when I go there in April.However,I need a phone there for local calls.If I take another standrad SA cellphone will it work with a Sim purchased in the US?

        1. Unlocked means that you can use the phone on any cell network. In South Africa the general rule is that phones are unloacked so you can use them with MTN, Vodacom, Cell C or 8ta – but just double check with your provider that you specific phone is unlocked (or stick in a mates sim’s card thats on another network and see if that works)

  6. Hey! This is exactly wat happened to me. I am currently in new York, bbm and internet were working fine on original sim without roaming over Wifi, once I tried a local sim, it all stopped!

    Hope you can share a solution to this via email!



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