Nobex Contacts: One tap adds info to your Blackberry contacts

Nobex Contacts - add contacts from signitures to your Blackbbery

Every had one of those “OH MAN – I should have thought of that ?!?!” moments – well you are about to: I am not really sure what took this long, but there is a cool Blackberry app that automatically looks at your incoming emails, find the signature (phone number, email, title, website etc.) and then asks you if you want to add this person to your contacts address book if this person is not already there. Simple.

This saves you lotts of time and hassle of having to go back and forth, copy the info, open a new contact and paste it and all that jazz…

The company that makes this is called Nobex Contacts and they also have an Outlook Add-in version and an Enterprise version of the app.

So all you Blackberry people, head over to the App Store and get it for free now !

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