NFC from Blackberry is music to my ears–literally

Blackberry Music GatewayBlackberry Music Gateway

When you talk about NFC (Near Field Communication) it is usually about Payment methods of some kind ie. tap your phone on this device and money leave your virtual wallet. Whilst that is neat and maybe in 2053 we will actually see it working in real life, I found another usage for NFC – its the Blackberry Music Gateway.

You hook up this device into your music system at home/ car/ party and pair it with your Blackberry device using Bluetooth or NFC. You now have full control over the music !

You can run through your music selection on your phone,, change tracks, volume, and play or pause as your BlackBerry device is your remote control.

If you don’t have a Blackberry, you can still pair any Bluetooth device to it so you can still control the music for the phone or a tablet – wirelessly.

I think its pretty cool !

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