“Nexus 7 is Sold Out” says Google

Google Nexus 7

It seems like Google has a problem – but a problem that we would all like to have. If you got yourself the Google Nexus 7 16GB device then you are one of the lucky ones – they are completely sold out !

Goode has underestimate the demands or the 16GB model as it is no longer “ship in 3-5 days”  but now you can add your name to the waiting list and once the device is in stock, Google will notify you.

The strong demand is due to its competitive price ($249) and its performance as a tablet which beats its nearest competition – the Kindle Fire.

Obviously Apple must be looking on in horror as Apple is rumoured to be releasing a 7inch tablet (iPad Mini) during the course of this year and they better get moving fast as their dominance in the tablet market is being eaten away.

Interestingly: This “Sold Out” is actually not a bad thing. It abides by the golden rule of “Managing Customer Expectations” – so yes there are customers who want it now, but at least there are no customers who will Blog and Tweet of how Google took their money and month later they are still waiting. Also, those who never considered the Nexus 7 are now wondering what is the commotion is all about and are adding their names to the waiting list after investigating just how good the Nexus is.

Good Play Google.

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