New Scam – don’t get caught !!

By now we are all aware that we Didn’t win the lottery, we Didn’t inherit millions of pounds from great aunty Susan and we certainly Didn’t get a free car/ cell phone/ laptop/ house etc. just by forwarding this email to 20 people.

These are the same kind of emails that have been trying to scam money out of us for years.


HOWEVER, there is a new one going around that is VERY clever – make sure you don’t get caught !!!


The scam:

You receive an email from someone that you know saying something along the lines below (there are variation but this is the general jist of it)


I cant believe I have to write this but I have just been robbed. Don’t worry I am fine.

Those bastards took all my money, credit cards, passports, plane ticket, cell phone, laptop. They took everything and left me with noting  and as you know I am overseas at the moment and don’t know what to do or how to get home.

I know this is an inconvenience, and I would not ask unless I was desperate – but please can you deposit R1000 into this account so that I can get a temporary passport and my plane ticket and get home.

Banks name: XXXXXXX

Bank Account: XXXXXXX

You know I wouldn’t ask unless it was urgent and I will obviously pay you back as soon as I get home (my insurance will cover this but only when I get back)



There is also a version that scammers use to post this kind of stuff on Facebook.


How is this done ?

They hack into your email account and send this email to your entire address book ! So the recipient gets an email from someone that they know and believe to be in serious trouble and you rush out to help.


My Tips :

Make sure your email password is secure – change it regularly and yes, I do realise it is a pain.

If you get an email like this, verify it for yourself: Is this person overseas ? have you spoken to him/ her recently ? if not – then its unlikely they would ask you for this kind of help.

As you know, insurance companies have toll free numbers so they should be able to help.

Embassies around the world deal with this stuff all the time


Please don’t get caught and I urge you to tell everyone about this so they too don’t get caught too.


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