Change One Thing: taking #Neknominations from stupid to stupendous

Neknominations from stupid to amazing - by a South African

It seems like everyone has had some mention on their time line of the viral drinking game called Neknominations that is sweeping Facebook and other social networks.   This drinking game stated off innocently enough where one person is filmed necking/ chugging/ downing some alcohol and then he or she nominates two people to do the same. The nominated people are tagged in the Facebook post and they have to chug their drink within 24 hours and upload that to Facebook. They then each nominate two other people to . And so this game spreads. Should the person not accept the nomination or are unable to complete the drink within 24 hours they are made fun of online.

This is obviously not the first drinking game but due to the visual and competitive nature of this game ,as it is uploaded online, this game has become particularly dangerous. Each nominee is trying to outdo his predecessor by consuming even more alcohol. No more is one beer sufficient as the latest nominees are consuming copious amounts of alcohol – some drink up to a bottle and half of whiskey within minutes. Even the way in which the alcohol is being chugged has changed from a simple drink to more elaborate stunts. Some examples include drinking whilst  riding on the roof of a car that is driving down the road, drinking whilst riding on a motorbike driving down a highway, being suspended upside down whilst dinking the alcohol poured into a toilet bowl.

The experts explain that the body is not able to consume and process large amount of alcohol in such a short period of time. This results in the person passing out as the alcohol literally poisons their body. In one clip the drinker is heard confirming with his “medical team” to call him in an hour to make sure he is still alive !

There are now two reported death that are directly connected to Neknominations.

Before we write of humanity due to stupidity, a South African has taken a different view when he was nominated.

Brent Lindeque uploaded his video clip after he was nominated which received over 158 000 views and 1785 comments:

Well done Brent for taking something stupid and making it positive – maybe there is a Nandos ad waiting to happen here.

One single NekNomination could change people’s lives  – instead of passing out, why not pass out some food ?

These guys did:

and here is the one I was nominated with:

and the one I did:

Perhaps we should start nominating companies to do the same ? What if we challenge SPAR to distribute sandwiches ? or challenge Woolworth to give out blankets ?

I hope that many more follow suit.

check out the Change One Thing facebook page and join a nomination that means something

Update 27 Feb 2014: I saw this Tweet from Ford South Africa:

ford Neknomination

which resulted in this amazing video – well done Ford !!!


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