Nedbank uses PDF form to make home loan application a breeze

Nedbank homeloan apply onlineNedbank homeloan apply online

If you ever had the “pleasure” of applying for a home loan, you will know just what a nightmare the entire process can be. Even after you managed to get all your supporting documents, DNA sample, your mothers roomate’s maiden name and your TV licence confirmation, you can wait weeks until you hear if you qualify for the home loan. By which time the property you wanted had been snatched up. so back to the drawing board…

Well, Nedbank has heard our cries and has taken the hassle out of applying for a home loan by automating the entire process from application to approval.

Nedbank has created an interactive PDF form that you complete at your leisure. As you step through all the required information, the form is saved and when you are ready you submit it. No queues to contend with !

Nedbank - apply online for home loan

The new home loan channel has been built to be more userfriendly, with leading security features to ensure that clients’ personal data is kept secure. Clients will be guided through the entire process by being given key information regarding the financing and purchasing of their dream home.

FINALLY!!! no need to hire an attorney and an accountant just to decipher what you are even being asked !!

Nedbank - apply online for home loan

Nedbank’s existing home loan clients will also have the added benefit of applying for a further loan through the same channel, thus enabling our clients to access the capital balance already paid off or even registering a second loan for additional home improvements.

“We are delighted to introduce our new online home loan channel for buyers, providing practical advice and solutions and making it easy for clients to drive and manage the entire process securely online. In this increasingly digital age clients are spoilt for choice and want nothing but convenient and cost-effective ways of getting access to home finance,” says Timothy Akinnusi, Head of Home Loan Digital Channels at Nedbank.

According to Akinnusi the entire process can be handled much more quickly online, with clients receiving credit approval for their completed application within hours.

“This is a very real benefit for homebuyers who do not have the time to visit traditional channels when applying for finance. By going online, buyers have more time for other important engagements. Our priority is to make our clients’ online banking experience secure and convenient and to empower them to access their home loan finance anywhere, any time. As such, we continue to innovate to ensure that we provide great-value banking for clients in keeping with their ever-changing needs,” concludes Akinnusi.

Clients can visit to apply.

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  1. PDF or no PDF – my Nedbank home loan application was one long, frustrating, painful and very complex process, with criteria keeping on changing throughout the process, and additional information and explanations being required all the time.

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