My Techie Gadget for Oral Health Awareness month

Oral B - progessional care

Did you know that September is Oral Health Awareness Month ? Me neither. I found out that according to the United Nations, African countries are among the world’s least developed nations in terms of oral healthcare, therefore oral health should take its rightful place high up on our health agenda. Sies !

There is nothing worse than someone who has bad breath, especially when you have to spend a lot of time with them in a meeting or a conference. So whilst it might seem strange that as a Techie I posted this, think of it as me doing my bit to share some info on a gadget that I was introduced to and never looked back since. Its the Oral B professional care 500 electric rechargeable toothbrush.

So how much tech could there possible be in a toothbrush ?


Here are the specs:

  • Removes up to 2x more plaque than a regular “old school” toothbrush
  • Has 3D Cleaning Technology
  • Each tooth is surrounded but this toothbrush head
  • It has 20 000 pulsations per minute and rotates 7600 times per minute too.

Oral B - progessional careOral B - progessional careOral B - progessional care

As a father with two kids, I have a constant fight about brushing teeth. Now with the Oral B, I bought each kid their own and since it has its own 2-minute timer built in, I know the kids are getting the correct treatment. They also managed to turn it into a game and part of their morning and night routine.

So thats my pitch. I like it and just like the solar jar, waned to share it so we can all do our bit for our health during this September Oral Health Awareness month.

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