Mobile Apps – my Interview on TV

I wrote an article called “Welcome to the Planet of the Apps”. In this article I explained about Mobile application and the various types of apps you can download these days…

I then received a phone call asking if I would like to do a Tv interview re: Mobile Applications.

Obviously I jumped at the opportunity ! 🙂

Fast forward to the 14th April – I arrive at the studios of Planet Image where I am immediately made to feel very welcome. That put the nerves at ease and by the time I got into the Interview and sat on the couch, I was feeling right at home.

I had make up applied (a defiant first) and was “mic-ed” (that is industry speak for Microphoned ). I was seated on the couch and the interview began.

We spoke about Mobile Applications in South Africa, how the development has occurred, the future and about SwiftGO ( . Most of the attention was focused on SwiftGO and how it helps people every day avoid traffic jams.

We ended the interview with a plug to download the SwiftGO app (nice 🙂 and then before I knew it – the director said “cut” and it was over.

Very cool experience…

As soon as it is edited and cut, I will upload the interview here.

Thanks guys and girls at Planet Image !

IMG_5451 IMG_5452

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