I fell for the “Top 10% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012” trick

Wow – Out of the 200 million people,  my profile was in the top 10% of the most viewed LinkedIn profiles in 2012! that is so cool !!!

LinkedIn 200 million milestone

Well, at least that was my first reaction…So feeling kinda chuffed with myself, I then saw more and more tweets with the same message. hmm…I started to wonder about this “congratulations!” email. On the one hand its great that out of 200 million my profile was in the top 20 million. 1 out of 20 million – thats still an achievement but not as wow as I originally thought.

So once you scratch a little below the surface you realise that this was in fact a superb marketing trick by LinkedIn. Bravo. You got me.

Why is it such a good campaign ?

It has all the ingredients:

  1. You get an email with  what seems to be a major “achievement”
  2. It has personalized thank you note that makes you feel special
  3. It has the ability to instantly share it and tell your friends all about how great you are

Ticks all the right boxes.

So what does LinedIn get out of it ?

There is the exposure element:

They are pretty much assured of a high open rate of this email (could also be used to validate active email addresses)

Inside the Thank you email was a link to an Infographic all about LinedIn which most people would click on and then possibly share (much like I have below)

People will share their stats with their Social Network further cementing LinkedIn popularity

There is the financial element:

Now that you know you are in the top percentage of profile viewed, you more likely to consider the options to pay for the ability to see exactly who viewed your profile. If only a small fraction of the “top 20 million”  pay for that option, that is a lot of $$$ from one email campaign alone.


So well done LinkedIn on both a great service and a great marketing campaign and I am still not sure if I should be happy that I am in the top 10% of feel kinda cheated…a marketing teams dream come true 🙂

LinedIn cool stats:

LinkedIn has reached a major milestone of having 200 million members in more than 200 countries and territories in 19 languages around the world.

If LinkedIn was a country it would have the 5th largest population in the world equal to France, UK and Italy combined as approximately 2 members join LinkedIn per second which equated to 172800 registrations per day !

LinkedIn 200 million milestone

LinkedIn 200 million milestone

LinkedIn 200 million milestone

LinkedIn 200 million milestone


  1. Hi Liron. I hate to break it to you, but everyone on LinkedIn got the same mail. Its sneaky marketing, and it made you read the mail.

  2. I was having a lousy day, I mean nothing was going right when that popped into my email box yesterday. VAVOOM instant change to awesome day. I shared it everywhere, called my parents, cut and pasted the award presented in the email, was going to print it out but haven’t had time yet because there were so many people I had to tell about this hahaha. I feel like such a dumbass but as least I am not alone 🙂

    I am a geek extraordinaire and usually spot any scam, spam, fake, false, hoax, phishing, virii (viruses) and all of the like but this one I fell for like a paratrooper without a parachute!

    I have to give it up for Linkedin, it was one heck of a great marketing ploy and I am sure it fooled many people hook, line and sinker that now wish they could hide in deeper water. I hate to think of the massive amount of people out there laughing at us because they blew it off and didn’t make a total ass of themselves by posting it all over the internet, and believe me I am laughing right along with them because I never in a million or should I say 200 million years thought I’d ever fall for something like this.

    I will say for the last 24 hours I have felt GREAT, top of the world now left wondering do I post this myself and blow it off? Do I continue to look like a total idiot because I didn’t post the fact I was taken, or do I post it and laugh it off?

    I shall post it because as good as it felt to feel important, it feels just as good if not better to laugh at ones self and release all those endorphins that make one feel good!

    Thanks for your blog or I may have made a larger fool of myself today!

    1. Whilst I dont think it was their intention it did leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth…
      if its looks like SPAM, and feels like SPAM then it must be…SPAM.

      Dont stress about it too much – it happens to the best of us !

      1. I’m not stressing I find it hilarious that they fooled so many, and even more so because they fooled so many of us high on the geekdom pole 🙂

  3. I didn’t fall for it (maybe the cynic in me) as tome it was obvious that meant top 10mm users. However, I did appreciate knowing roughly where my account sits compared to the general population. Even with all those zombie and dead accounts.

  4. I have the profile badge of being in the top 1% for Adobe Creative Suite. The thing is… I have almost the same number of recommendations for it that the top person has. I wish there was a way to tell where you actually fall.

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