iPhone 5 compared to Galaxy SIII and Lumia 920

The new iPhone 5 has officially been launched today to much of the usual fanfare we had come to expect.

One thing that stood out for me is the 4-inch screen and that 16:9 ratio widescreen. My question: how will the current apps look on this larger screen ? Will these be like the iPad “make it larger x2” ?

So how does the Apple iPhone5 compare to the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the Nokia Lumia 920 ?

I have made a comparison list below (click on it to make it larger):

The other “feature” that stood for me is the new 9-pin connector. Of course this means that all of the other accessories will not work unless you buy the adapter. And its not cheap either – $29 ! Imagine if you are a hotel owner that has outfitted your hotel with iPhone interfaces for guest to use in the room or if you are in the Audio game and you fitted your range with iPhone interface – you now have to keep up and provide adapters. I have a feeling these will sell out FAST

A couple of items that are worth mentioning :

  • The iPhone is said to be the thinnest phone at 7.6mm however the Razor is 7.1mm so not sure whats the all about.
  • I find it interesting that most of the specs and even images of the iPhone 5 were already known as “leaks”. So Apple  losing control over its secrecy?
  • iPad announced that they are still 68% market share around the world. Whilst that sounds great, the iPad was over 95% of the market so doesn’t it show that the others are catching up.
  • Note there is no NFC

On the plus side it’s not called the “New iPhone”…

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