iOS6 security alert: Siri Tweets even when phone is locked

ios6 security

If you are even slightly paranoid about your mobile phone, you have a password that kicks in and locks your phone when you are not using it. However, there are some people who leave their phones unlocked and for some reason their mates think its funny to play pranks with the unlocked phone. These range from the simple update of BBM status to the more severe of posting a quirky note about their girlfriends on Facebook and to the extreme of uploading their private pics from their phone onto Twitter.

So why am I telling you this ? This is a “security heads up” note to anyone who has updated their software to iOS6.

No, this is not a Map doesn’t work message but a quick security alert.

If you have set your phone to allow Siri access even when the phone is locked, then anyone can pick up your phone and instruct Siri to send a Tweet, Update Facebook, Send Email, SMS and even make phone calls. All this without unlocking your phone.

To fix this, simply set the “Allow Access When Locked” option for Siri to OFF.

ios6 security

Not a “huge” security hacked type of alert, but worth noting if you tend to leave your phone unattended or whilst charging.

On a semi-related security note: iOS6 is already jailbroken. Developers have had since July to come up with a crack to Jailbreak the phone and they have released it to the public. So if you want to know how to jailbreak ios6 it is available here

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