India still leads the Spam race as Spammers love their holidays

Kaspersky Lab Spam reportSpam

Kaspersky Lab’s Spam report for February 2012 has revealed that Spammers love their holidays.

In February, spammers continued with their January mass-mailings devoted to St Valentine’s Day which peaked on February 12th.  Other messages offering Easter presents and holiday symbols and obviously  “male-only” pills as a presents for International Women’s Day, continued to circulate.

Sources of Spam

The ranking of spam “states of origin” has seen virtually no change. India holds tightly on its leaders’ status, Indonesia and Brazil are next on the list. All in all, the 12 positions are taken by the same players as in the previous month, although some have swapped places.


The number of antiphishing detections is up 3.5% on sites aimed at stealing the credentials of social network users. Facebook users were the most popular target for phishers in February.

At the same time, online stores and auctions saw a 3% drop in the number of detections.

Amazon, the popular online store, has ceded some ground after being a leader in January.

The complete version of February 2012 spam report is available at

So remember:

  • Make sure you have a virus protection on your computer,
  • Make sure you UPDATE the anti-virus definitions regularly
  • Make sure you have your firewall enabled (Windows computer come with Windows Firewall)
  • Finally, please do not forward every email you get regardless of how good the cause looks. A quick verification will prove to you if you have won the lottery or not !

Check out :How to tell if an email is legit or not for more info on how to protect yourself.

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