In Gangnam, Korea – they do it QR-style

Barcode on sidewalk in Gangnam-gu Office

Since the explosion of Gangnam Style on the world people have been flocking to the Gangnam District which is one of the 25 gu that make up the city of Seoul, South Korea.

So what does the Gangnam-gu (district council) do to maximise their new tourist influx ? They  have recently placed QR codes on the sidewalks for the first time in Korea. These QR codes contain tourist information about major tourist attractions in the Gangnam area.

Tourist and locals simply scan the QR Code with their smartphone and receive information on nearby tourist sites and all the content that was previously printed in the local magazine and brochures is now made available to mobile phones.

Yes, you could also use Google Maps and get your position via GPS and look up whats around you – but no need as this is a simple way to use QR code to get instant information of what geographically close to you.

In Korea where QR code is used everywhere, this is a natural extension and realistically no reason why this can no be used everywhere.

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