How to install ios4.3 on iPad with a Windows machine and iTunes and no Network Reset errors

its a tale as old as Time…

David vs. Goliath

USA vs. Russia

Windows vs. Apple

and now… iPad update vs. ITunes on a Windows computer

The battle had commenced when I was innocently prompted to update my iPad software to ios4.3 – “sure why not…”

So after clicking the “Download and install” option I received an error message something along the lines of “the network connection was reset”.I happens, so I tried again. and Again. and Again…

I subsequently tried the same thing over 9 times going as far as disconnecting everyone off the network – same error message…

Uncle Google had lots of instances of the same issue that people were having around the world and there were various suggestion all of which I tried such as  disabling my Anti-virus, disabling my Firewall (living on the edge man…) and removed some files etc. etc. etc. none of these worked…

Eventually after realising that my insurance doesn’t cover the “iPad against the wall woops” scenario I left this alone and kissed my Blackberry.Literally.


At around 10:00 pm I tried to download the software again same error. I tried again and this time I selected “Download only”. I realised that it wasn’t a small download either – the final file size was 611 megabytes ! (btw, iTunes said 596 mb).

It managed to download the entire file and now it is saved on my computer ! yay…

The next part was finding out where on earth iTunes saved it…

I found the files saved at: C:UsersLironAppDataRoamingApple ComputeriTunesiPad Software Updates

The file is called: iPad1,1_4.3_8F190_Restore.ipsw

So, I shut down Outlook (see my previous post re: Outlook) and shut down iTunes and clicked on the file.

iTunes opened and asked if I wanted to update the software. I clicked YES. Almost had a heart attack when it told me it is checking the Update Server as I thought I would have to start again, but lucky it started to install…

So now, after a 4 Gigabyte attempts, countless various software attempts and workarounds, I now have IOS4.3 on my iPad !

Now the next challenge : What does this new version do ?

I am yet to work out…

2 Comments on How to install ios4.3 on iPad with a Windows machine and iTunes and no Network Reset errors

    • I thought so too as I figured that it might be interfering with the download or the install. However it made no difference if it was on or if it was off.
      Its always adangerouss practice to turn it off and also to disable the firewall – makes me very nervous. However, even after doing both these insane task, the installationdidn’tt happen… Iobviouslyy switched on the anti virus and thefirewalll back onimmediatelyy.

      Its beyond my understanding why this is so complex.

      I am assuming it might be down to the fact that it is one large file being downloaded. If the install file was broken down into stages of smaller files, then I would suspect less people would be having the same issue. You download smaller files and then install them from a local copy on your computer…

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