New Mobile App from SA company: How to get paid to make a phone call

Here is an interesting concept: what if I told you that it is possible to get paid to listen to a 10 second advert and also get a listing of hot deals in your area ?

Well, this is exactly what DialMedia’s new app does.

I spoke to Philip Bartholomew DialMedia spokesperson and co-owner  about how the system works and he explained that there is a sophisticated engine that matches up advertisers with individual’s profile. When the person makes a phone call, it identifies the location and based on that it sends you an audio advert that last 10 seconds just before your call starts. If you listen to that advert you get paid up to R1.50 per advert.

  • 10 Second audio ad = R0.50
  • Response advert ie: Press 1 for hear more info by SMS, Email = R1.00
  • Advert with option to be called back. = R1.50

The adverts are small, around 40kbs, which translate into around 2c and so the payoff of listening is rather large.

I asked Philip about the safety and security of the phone called and what is very important to highlight is that DialMedia can not intercept your phone call or listen in on your calls – the Advert is played before the call is made.

“The DialMedia Deals app is already available on Apple’s App Store, BlackBerry’s App World, as well as on Android Marketplace. It truly is the one app that can save consumers money, without it costing them a cent. Many of their favourite stores and restaurants are currently running specials, and by using GPS or Cell Towers to advise of fantastic deals in their location, they will be aware of how they can save money,” says Philip Bartholomew DialMedia spokesperson and co-owner .

Location aware deal

If you an advertiser, DialMedia has developed a sleek interface that allows you to target specific customers at specific locations & report back – very cool system:


So it seems like its a win win for everyone. My initial concerns are around battery life as the application is running in memory in order to send you the deals that are relevant to your location. My other initial feedback was that the registration can only happen on the phone which can be cumbersome on the smaller screens especially the non-touchscreen.

So in summary:

According to eMarketer, by 2015, mobile social network usage will more than double (from 38.9% of mobile users in 2010 to 79.1% in 2015) and location-based usage will rise with it.

Retailers have already started utilising location-based services to drive in-store purchases. With increased adoption, location-based services can be utilised for branding and awareness as well as research including a deeper understanding of consumer shopping habits.

South African retailers are traditionally very slow in taking up these kind of Location Based opportunities – still not sure why. I hope that they see value in this application as I am sure people will see value in getting real deals at their current location.

Seems obvious to me.

Links: DialMedia website

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