How to get 18 million songs legally

Simfy Africa

What if I tell you I can give you 18 millions songs for R60 ? and all 100% legal too.

This is exactly what you get when you sign up for Simfy the new legal Music download service that is landing in South Africa.

The official press release starts with “So you love music? Then prepare to be wow’ed.”

Having access to the service I need to say that they are so wrong. The service is not wow it WAY beyond WOW !

I gave up on iTunes years ago and their whole “you need to have a US address” rubbish so this left me with a problem when it comes to music. This problem is no more.


All you need to do is install the Simfy Desktop software and after registering you will have access to 18 million songs (with an average of 500,000 new songs being added monthly) and these include South African artists too.

Simfy - desktop with South African artist

Now the hardest part is just finding what you want to listen to !

What is also cool is that the music is available at your fingertip not only from your desktop but also from your mobile too when you install the Mobile app (available on Blackberry, iPhone and Android). Dont worry about chewing up your data as there is an “offline” mode so your music travels with you no matter where you are. Simfy can be hooked up to three mobile device that all synchronise each other.

If you loose you phone (or it gets stolen) you simply hop onto the website and under Device Manager remove that phone so you can add Simfy to your new phone. You can make these changes every 6 month and this is for “legal licencing” reason.

On a techie note: if you are worried about your ADSL data being eaten up, if you constantly stream music constantly it will set you back 85mb of data per hour.

Simfy - Mobile offlineSimfy - Mobile offline

Simfy didnt forget that music is a social thing and so they have cleverly incorporates sharing facility that allows you to share your playlist with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Email.

Simfy - Mobile  Simfy - Mobile

The cost will be R60 per month to use the service for unlimited songs, downloads, and  streaming  – go big !

Its amazing how much support the record labels have given this project as without content this would have been a non started. When I inquired about the payment structure back to the artist there was no straight answer but was confirmed that it is a fair deal. The overseas models are Ad-based revenue share where in South Africa, it is a subscription based model which should make everyone happy.

Now if only they can add auto-correct to the search facility that would help me as I cant spell Allanis Morisette !

How to get it: pre-register at :

Note: if you are an artist/ musician you can get your music on here too. Make contact with the team and begin the process.


  1. I really can’t wait for this! Think it will be awesome!

    Just on a side note on the amount of data consumed when streaming… I’m pretty sure it’s 85mb per hour of streaming and not for the entire month?

    If it is though, that would be pretty awesome!

      1. No worries. But it would have been nice though! Maybe one day they’ll come across some miracle compression algorithm 🙂

        In the mean time we can only hope SA’s service providers *cough* Telkom *cough* lowers bandwidth costs…

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