How to change your Twitter name without loosing followers


I did it – I finally took the step and it was a nerve wracking step – I changed my Twitter account…

When I started with Twitter many many many years ago I used my company name @SwiftSMS . SwiftSMS is an sms company that I set up in 2001 and still going strong, however SwiftSMS is no longer the personal brand I am using.

I am now Blogging and consulting and I realised that I am using a username brand that doesn’t match my current brand.

Time to change.

Before I changed my Twitter name, I had some concerns:

1. Do I change the username or create a new one ?

Twitter allows you to change your username. You click under Account Setting and there you will find Username. As you type any username, it will instantly tell you is its available or not.

Twitter -change your username

eg: Microsoft is already taken:

Twitter -change your username invalid username

Note: that you Twitter URL will change to reflect your new name. In my case it changed from to my new one

This is imporant to note so that you can update nay URLs that you have that point to your Twitter account such as Signatures, Websites etc.

2. Will I loose my followers ?

No. If you just change the account username, Twitter will allow you to keep all of your Twitter assets. These include Direct Messages, lists, list where you are listed, followers and anything else.

Check out Twitter’s official page confirming this:

3. What happens to all those Tweets that have my old account name ?

These will still remain. Any Tweet you have Tweeted will still be around. HOWEVER, your username on those Tweets will be your old username.

4. What happens to any Replies, Mentions from old tweets ?

As your old Tweets will still have your old username, any replies and mentions will still reflect your old username and therefore will appear on your old username’s timeline.

VERY IMPORTANT – protect your old username !

After creating a new account don’t stop there. Your old account name is now available for anyone to register. This means that your competition could register it and use it to their benefit.

Sign-out of your Twitter account, then create a New twitter account – this time use the OLD account as the username.

This re-creates your old account so that you have control over it and no one can steal it from you.

In my case, my new account is now @Liron_Segev so I created @Swiftsms (my old account).

I then logged into that account and posted this message that tells anyone who lands up here that I am no longer using this account:

Twitter - leave a forward message on your old account

Final step:

You have completed all the hard work – now don’t forget to tell everyone about it.

Ensure that you have update everywhere that you had mentioned your Twitter username.

Here is my list that I had to update to trigger your memory so that you don’t miss anything:

  • Email signatures
  • Website
  • Blog
  • LinkedIN profile – straight forward. Click on Edit Profile
  • BufferApp –  you have to remove your old profile first. NOTE: this will remove any analytics you have. Also make note of the times that you post as it all goes back to default
  • Mailchimp – update your email signature & template information
  • Hootsuite – update your profile with new Twitter info
  • Facebook – if you have set it there

so did I mention you can follow me on Twitter at my NEW account ?

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