How the “regular internet” has changed forever for yet another MTN LTE winner

mtn lte test download

The world is changing. We have a serious need for Download Speed & MTN has paid attention to the trend rolling out a test LTE network  which is not just fast internet but a real enabler for jobs in South Africa.

So sharing the MTN love, and looking to really test the download speeds, I have created the MTN LTE competition  – unlimited downloading at insane speeds for a month!

Here is yet another MTN LTE winner who has had the LTE modem. David hands back the device reluctantly…

After reading his experience, is there any reason NOT to enter the competition ?

Check out David’s experience :

By David Liebovitz

Today I sit with a sad tear in my eye, as I was forced to hand back a wonderful little device that I had the privilege, yes the privilege to use for the past month.

It transformed parts of my life, made me the toast of the office and the envy of my friends, acquaintances and foes alike…

What was this wonderful device, and just what did it transform you may ask?
Well it was simply a device that made me experience the internet, the way it should be experienced by all! This is true broadband, true internet speed and connectivity the way you have always imagined and wished it to be. This was the type of internet speed you only see in the movies, where it takes a few seconds to download large files, stream video without any buffering effects, browse multiple multimedia rich web pages and download your favourite series; all at the same time!!!!

I got to truly live this wonderful experience… and download I did!!! There were times where I could hardly believe my eyes…I had never seen utorrent display MB’s in the download column before! Watching a 350mb movie file download at an actual 1MB per second rendered me and my tech/geek colleagues speechless at times. We literally timed some downloads, and were baffled by the awesomeness!!!

We tested the LTE from varius points around Gautneg too… from Sandton, Waverley (Melrose), Midrand and Centurion. I was 2.6km from an LTE base station, and consistently connected at 30Mb’s. In Centurion we tested from 600m away, and got consistent 44Mb’s

I only hope when MTN finally launch the LTE solution, they implement the correct pricing plans with it, i.e. uncapped!

So a huge thank you to MTN and Liron the Techie Guy for letting me download the 350GB or so that downloaded!! (we stopped counting after a few days)


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