How Google uses Eye Tracking & your website could use it too

Google uses Eye TrackingGoogle uses Eye Tracking

“even billion dollar business have hiccups. These are the kind of issues Google aims to fix” Sumi Das goes inside Google to see how the internet giant tests the usability of its search engine to ensure those using it get the best possible results.

User Experience is clearly a top priority and everyone who is serious about their customers is doing it – even the great Google !

“Competition between internet search engines is intense with companies constantly trying to get the edge over each other by improving their product.

John Boyd, Head User Experience Research Google

John Boyd, Head User Experience Research Google, confirms that Google uses Eye Tracking to “make sure there are no critical failures, people don’t get lost, people understand how it works”

The full story on BBC Click :

More info on how we used Eye Tracking on South African website:

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