Got a Blackberry question ? Ask a Blackberry Buddy

Blackberry BuddiesBlackberry Buddies

Ever had that frustration with your Blackberry that you just had enough and need a hug ?

Blackberry has introduced Blackberry Buddies – whilst this concept is not new (Apple has their “Genius desk”) it is nice to see that RIM is serious about keeping their customers happy. Blackberry Buddies  mimics real life – when you have a phone problem, you ask a buddy who knows to help you. You can choose the self-service web option or a hands-on option where you meet a designated buddy to help you.

So when you are stuck, frustrated, confused, don’t know how or just needs help with your phone, here are two approaches you can take :

Option 1: the Website Approach:

Go to:

Then simply select your phone, the model, the topic you are having a problem with and the question you want to ask. The Buddies will answer it for you:

Blackberry Buddies

Option 2: The People Approach:

If you would prefer a hands on approach where a person helps you, just head over to any one of these shopping centers  and look for the Blackberry Buddy stand:

  • Sandton City – Johannesburg
  • Menlyn Park – Pretoria
  • Mimosa Mall – Bloemfontein
  • Canal Walk – Cape Town
  • Gateway Shopping Centre – Durban

They will answer all your questions and even set up your phone for you.

As always there will be those who ring the bells of doom saying how Blackberry needs help yada yada yada, but I disagree completely. There is a new vigor within RIM where its customers are priority – especially in South Africa.

I think its awesome to see how Blackberry is loving their customers (and putting their money where their mouth is). Nothing better than having  a support option for people who are unsure of exactly what their phones can do and how to set them up. I am no-longer surprised when I see people using 15% of their phone capabilities and then making comments that their phone isn’t good – this will go a long way in helping solve that. At the same time, it doesn’t hurt to keep the loyal Blackberry customer coming back for more !


      1. I downloaded a Blackberry app (mtag) since then my blackberry phone was hanging, totally useless!! It was very frustrating! It bombed out all my communication including my social network communication and use of my phone. I then approached blackberrybuddy in the Gateway Durban SA, where a certain Mr Nkosi …… Copied all my scientific research and told me my software is corrupt, only to find out the whole purpose was to get access to my intense medical research info that was on the phone.I am highly disgusted about the fact that not only was my info stolen but certain people employed by blackberry is blatant liars!! Highly disgusted!! Highly unethical!! This is the new South Africa!! Well done!! Nils Bergh

  1. My BlackBerry was stolen recently. I don’t have BB protect, but I do have the IMEI and pin. Is there any way in which it can be tracked or blocked?

  2. Hi I loaded my bis more than 72 hours ago but still my bis is not active and my internet and stuff is not working and I do my business tru my BlackBerry so can u plz hel my I am on vodacom I did phone Vodacom customer care and they are u must fix it I have a blackberry 9720 nr nr is 0827557082 I am getting really frustrated about this plz do something about it thanks adriaan

  3. I can’t open my memo pad. It keeps saying, Uncaught exception: ApplicationRegistry.getOrWaitFor (0xad36c46e7cf0cba8)owner died Thread (Thread-1326123008,5)

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