Google buys its way into Facebook

One of the biggest issues with Social Media is the management of it. You have to be where your customers are which mean you have to advertise where your customers are which means you have to manage where you ads are. Typically this means managing across Facebook, Google, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIN and on every portal known to man kind.

So how is that done ?

There is a company that solves this problem: it is called Wildfire which provides a  platform for brands to manage their pages, apps, tweets, videos, sponsorships, ads, promotions and more, all in one place. However, it gets interesting. As of 31 July 2012, you can now find this message on Wildfire’s page:

Google buys widfire

Google has recognised Wildfire’s service and has added it to its suite of Ad products for a rumoured amount of $250 million. Not bad for a company that is 4 years old that handles “16,000 customers including 30 of the top 50 brands”

Here is the kicker. One of the platform that Wildfire manages effectively is Facebook. So now Google has a direct link into its rival Facebook. I am sure Facebook cant be too thrilled but it has to weigh up customer ad revenue and having Google as a partner.

So far, Facebook isn’t commenting…

“may we live in interesting times…

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