Freecom Mobile Drive Sq – an executive drive

my usage of the Freecom Mobile Drive Sq

If you are looking for an executive gift to give someone who has it all – boy do I have the perfect suggestion for you…

The CEO of Wired once said “my son watched prime time tv. Just not at prime time and not on tv”

This seems to be true for a lot of us. We have access to movies, TV series, music, photos and these are all kept on hard drives that we can simply plug into the TV’s USB port and watch whenever we feel like it.

Not sure why but it seems like there was a memo that went out saying that all external hard drives need to be the standard black, boxy shape with wires sticking out of them.

I don’t Verbatim got that memo as they have released the Freecom Mobile Drive Sq

Freecom Mobile Drive Sq  Freecom Mobile Drive Sq

This external drive just looks da-business. It has a unique stainless steel cover, is super thin (1.05cm!) and has rubber feet so it doesn’t move when I place it under the TV on the cabinet. It looks futuristic and almost seems to hover just above the table.  Also no external power is needed !

What is really cool about this one is that if your TV has the ability to record to USB device, this is an ideal drive that is purposefully built for that – it even has its own stand to mount the drive behind the TV.

Freecom Mobile Drive Sq  - The FrontFreecom Mobile Drive Sq  - underneathFreecom Mobile Drive Sq  - TV mount

Its super fast due to its USB 3.0 connection (theoretical speed of 500 Mbit/s) although it is backwards compatible to USB 2.0 too. The 500GB unit has plenty of space for my movies and photos and it almost has an exclusive look to it – no wonder it won these design awards:

Freecom Mobile Drive Sq  - awards

This is a great little drive that I find I am carrying with me more and more as it just seems to fit everywhere I place it.

Nice job !

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