Facebook and Norton says Google+ is unsafe

When I use the feature on Google+ to automatically post something onto Facebook, I now get this message:

Google Plus - Norton safe

I panicked. I thought we were all taken in by this monster called Google. I mean why else would Norton tell me that all my posts to Facebook have come from the unsafe Google+ ?

I ran Norton’s Safe Web check on Google+ to make sure it is indeed safe and guess what? it passed with flying colours:


The posts are harmless. There is no code embedded in them, no advertising  and no contravening of the Facebook policy. In other words, there is no reason to block posts from Google+ . The exact same post from WordPress (this blogging site) seems to work perfectly fine with no “Security Alert: This Link May Not Be Safe” message.

I wonder why Facebook deems Google+ as “unsafe” or why Symantec issues these warning on the Facebook site even though their own engine says that Google+ is safe ?

Could Facebook be blocking traffic to Google+ ?

Not nice Facebook. Play nice.

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