Eye Tracking: How we experience websites & lessons learnt from research

The web has been around for a while now. We are no longer passive consumers of companies brochure-ware but we interact, touch and feel the web everyday and on multiple devices. Designers have been building and evolving websites for years.  So by now you would think that they would be so good at it that no two website looking alike.

Yet this is not the case.

So why is that ?

Websites are looking the same everywhere we click: Navigation, Search, Sliders, Logos all in the exact same position.

Its no wonder that the attention span of our users are fading fast and our sites are no longer effective.

So why is that ? How did we land up with each site mimicking the other ?

The answer is : Best Practice.

At the Internet Show, I presented our Eye Tracking research paper that reveals insights into how users experience websites and how using best practice is actually harmful for your web design. We studied 10 popular South African websites including:  News24, IOL, Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, 8ta, Ster Kinikor, Nu Metro, DSTV, Computicket. Using the data captured from our Eye Tracking software, we were able to determine specific patterns.


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