Evernote Business is now in South Africa

Evernote Business is now in South Africa

We all know and love our Evernote. And now there is another reason to love it even more: Evernote Business is coming to South Africa.

Not everyone knows that Evernote has a business application that goes beyond just a simple store documents.

Evernote Business is a solution that is designed to  allow employees to capture and recall important information while seamlessly discovering what others in the organization know about these topics, eliminating wasted effort and filling knowledge gaps.

As Evernote works on every major device platform, Evernote Business gives employees instant, fingertip access to a wealth of information via whichever tablet, phone or computer they happen to be using.

Since its launch in December 2012, Evernote Business has been adopted by more than 3,000 businesses across the world which is  a great comfort to Evernote’s 50 million users !

Priced at R80 per user per month you get the following:

Evernote Business Features Include:

Evernote Business is now in South Africa

  • Higher Monthly Upload Allowance : Evernote Business users can create up to 2GB of new content each month in their personal notebooks, which is double the Evernote Premium allowance. The company receives an additional 2GB per month for each user that is shared among all Business Notebooks.
  • Business Notebooks :Individuals can place work documents, projects and research into Business Notebooks, which they can then share with coworkers or publish to the company’s Business Library.
  • Business Library : The Business Library gives everyone in your business a place to share knowledge company-wide. As the company grows, so does the accumulated knowledge in the Business Library, making it a useful resource for new and existing employees. Administrators can add any notebook in the Business Library to a Recommended section, which is highlighted while browsing the library.Evernote Business is now in South Africa
  • Improved Sharing : Evernote Business allows employees to share important information within a team, across a department, with the entire company, or with outside clients. Permissions are simple to set, and if an employee leaves the company, personal notes go with them, while Business Notes remain.
  • Knowledge Discovery: The new Related Notes feature helps highlight valuable information that other employees in your business have already collected. Browsing, searching and creating a new note triggers the display of Related Notes from an employee’s own account and from any joined Business Notebooks, as well as those in the Business Library.
  • Simple Deployment : The Evernote Business admin console allows IT administrators to easily grow the deployment size, as well as review and manage user access and permissions for the entire organization. Billing is straightforward and handled by credit card or invoice.

More information and details on how to sign up for Evernote Business is available at www.evernote.com/business.


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