DSG gets kids excited at Sci-Bono ICT Week

Jessica from DSG

The Sci-Bono held their ICT Week recently whose aim is to inspire children to get involved with ICT. Companies were able to get involved and help the next generation see the value of IT in South Africa. One such company that jumped at the opportunity was DSG who sent numerous executives from their group of companies to present to the kids.

I interviewed Jessica Rose McEndoo from Experience iT (part of the DSG group) about her experience:

Q. What is the overview of the event?

The idea behind the ICT Week is to showcase the inner workings of the ICT industry and its various sectors, real life applications as well as the diversity of careers available in the whole ICT value chain.

The target for the ICT Week is high school learners and we would like to simplify ICT in a manner that learners begin to understand its pervasiveness and how it affects their daily lives as well as showcase the unlimited possibilities and opportunities in this sector.

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Q. Why did DSG get involved?

DSG got involved to create excitement around the ICT industry. As a leader in the space, DSG has evolved from 12 group companies, with over 250 employees across the group with a diverse array of skills and taking into account the Sci-Bono idea of a show case, our strong local and African operations (Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Mauritius, Malawi and soon Mozambique) we believe that our “can do” culture and extensive ICT skills give an overall picture of the opportunities available to the learners who are interested in this space, leading to the next generation of innovators.

Q. What did DSG present ?

DSG presented, under the main aims and objectives, the theme of small ideas make a big difference, to contribute to the uptake of ICT skills in the schooling community and to project the ICT industry as an employer of choice through:

• A showcase the full range of career opportunities available in the industry including our 46664 (http://www.dsg.co.za/Default.aspx?TabID=33) involvement and the various levels of earning potential within the various sectors of the industry.

• To enhance an understanding and appreciation of the ICT, where the industry opportunities are extensive and that the next generation have fantastic opportunities to create something magical, considering the generation they will be providing for will be much more technologically advanced (video of a one year old : “a magazine is an iPad which does not work” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXV-yaFmQNk )

• Create awareness of the breadth of the ICT industry, discussing local South African movers and shakers, RFID and NFC, Social Media, AR (Augmented Reality), Mobile Applications and devices.

Q. What was the reaction from the kids?

The reaction from the children was fantastic. There was excitement and awe at the endless possibilities within the ICT industry and the children were engaged and soaked up the information. We also wanted to gauge the interest in learning more about the various opportunities and decided to offer the children a competition to “win a day at the DSG office” where we will be able to spend one on one time with a few children and give them the support in choosing their desired future career.

Jessica confirms that getting involved in Sci-Bono has been an inspiration to us at DSG and we support the fantastic efforts of the team there in supporting the next generation. Having the opportunity to educate the children fits in with our core beliefs:

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