Dropbox integrates into Samsung giving users 50GB free

Dropbox and Samsung

Since going “digital” we have thousands of pictures that we snap with our digital cameras and mainly our mobile phones. These are stored neatly under the My Picture folder on the computer. We hardly print any of them anymore as there are so many and besides we can access them all everyday.

But what happens when the horror-of-horror happens – our computer crashes taking with it all those memories ? Yes, we know we SHOULD back them up – but do we ?

Storing our memories “in the cloud” is becoming very popular. Its a great solution to ensuring that your info is offsite and can be accessed from anywhere with any device.

Samsung has taken this concept seriously and extended it to their mobile phones.

Earlier in the year Samsung’s Galaxy S III as well as the Galaxy tablet range launched with the online storage Dropbox pre-installed on the phone and tablet allows people to automatically synchronised photos and videos online. It seems like Dropbox has extended this service to the recently released Samsung Galaxy Camera and Galaxy Note II too.

Users who start their device will be asked if would like Dropbox to synch their photos and videos automatically giving the user peace of mind that their precious memories are with them at all times.

"The most important thing to us is to provide our users with the ability to have a seamless experience across the many mobile devices they use and this partnership shows our mutual commitment to offering Samsung users the best possible experience," said Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen, Head of Mobile Business Development at Dropbox. "These integrations with Samsung’s latest Wi-Fi and 4G enabled camera and Galaxy Note II means Dropbox users can rest assured their photos and videos will be with them anytime, anywhere."

For the first time, the Galaxy Note II will automatically sync photos and videos stored in Dropbox with the Gallery application. This means that as soon as the Gallery is opened, users will be able to effortlessly access all their photos already stored in their Dropbox. Nice.

People who purchase the new eligible Samsung Galaxy Camera and Galaxy Note II and complete the Dropbox get started guide (dropbox.com/gs) can get 50 GB free space for two years.

A great move by Dropbox to make sure they are still relevant in the online storage space and fight the increasing threats from the likes of Google Drive and others.

Storing your photos in the cloud is becoming more popular as people are nervous about loosing precious memories due to hard drive failure or theft or malicious damage

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