Discovery members can make free cell phone calls

Discovery VitalityMobileDiscovery VitalityMobile

Once again, the cell phone wars are heating up…

The latest round is the announcement from Cell C: Free voice calls to Discovery Vitality members who call each other on the Cell C network.

Talk about aggressive.

The scheme is called VitalityMobile as discussed on the Cell C website

“VitalityMobile is available to all 1.6 million Vitality members in South Africa across fitness levels and Vitality statuses. “

It doesn’t break down how many of the 1.6 million Vitality members are currently Cell C customers and due to “number portability” you can not longer tell which network someone belongs due just by their mobile number.

According to Techcentral:

VitalityMobile will cost R29/month and will be available to subscribers to Cell C’s Straight Up 100, 200, 400 and 800 contracts. Customers will also get an additional 50% of data over and above their normal data allocation. This offer applies to integrated voice and data packages as well as data-only packages.

Is this a strong enough case to move the entire family to Cell C ?

Take it a step further: there are corporates who are currently on the Discovery Health scheme. Why not port all their company-mobile phone across to Cell C and enjoy fee calls ? at R29 per month its a bargain !

The one thing about competition is that there is counter-strike. Who will take the next move?

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