Did you know Facebook is charging to post to fans ? Here is how to get around it

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You know what’s annoying? Facebook is annoying. And that’s coming from a social media manager.

While the platform is wonderful for connecting with your friends and relatives (not to mention those long lost “friends” from high school you’d hoped had forgotten you, the straggly branches of the family tree who you have nothing in common with, and your parents), it seems like every time you log on, something has changed. I’m pretty sure just yesterday it wasn’t asking me, in what I can’t help but read in a rather creepy tone, “What’s going on, Tallulah?”

One of the bigger changes that happened recently, with very little fanfare outside of social media manager circles, was that Facebook started charging Pages for posting to their fans.

Bait and switch?

Facebook Page posts have always been subject to an EdgeRank formula that attempts to ensure only the most interesting (and interacted with) posts get seen by fans. This system encouraged brands to only post interesting things on Facebook and to interact with those who “liked” them.

With the introduction with promoted posts, however, brands are able to make their fans see anything, as long as they’re willing to pay. If they aren’t willing to pay.

As is to be expected, some Page owners were very upset, especially small businesses or blogs that didn’t have budget but had grown huge followings on Facebook.

They felt that Facebook had drawn them in with promises of free advertising and marketing, and then dropped the other shoe on them when it was too late to back away.

There’s a solution!

Whether Facebook had been planning it all along, or did it in reaction to the previously mentioned upset brands, Facebook then introduced something called Interest Lists.

Interest Lists put the power back in the hand of the user. They function in a way that’s not totally unlike Google+’s circles (read: is in fact almost exactly the same). You can put any person or page on your list, edit it at any time and share it with the general public if you so desire. If you make a habit out of reading your lists instead of your general newsfeed, you’ll never miss another post you actually want to read.

Amped to get listing? Here’s how:

Step-by-step: How to compose an Interest List

Step 1: Go to your Facebook homepage. You can get there easily by clicking on the Facebook logo once you’re logged in. Scroll down until you see INTERESTS in the left-hand column. If it’s not there, click on "more" to reveal it. Click on "Add Interests…"

Facebook Interest list

Step 2: You will see you can subscribe to lists other people have created, or you can create your own. To create your own click on "+Create List".

Facebook Interest list

Step 3: You can compile a list out of Pages you follow and your Friends, or you can browse the topics to find new Pages to add. Select all the items you wish to have on your list by clicking on them.

Facebook Interest list

Step 4: Once you’ve finished compiling your list, click "Next", then you’ll be taken to a screen that lets you name your list and choose the privacy settings. If you make your list public it might come up for other people to subscribe to when they choose interests. Click "Done".

Facebook Interest list

Step 5: Ta da! You’re done. You can access your list whenever you log in to Facebook by scrolling down and finding it in the left-hand column. You can also bookmark it.

Facebook Interest list

Step 6: You can edit your list by going to it and then clicking "Manage List" on the top right.

Facebook Interest list

Do it now, quickly, before Facebook changes again!

clip_image001Tallulah is the social media manager at ITWeb. She likes long walks along digital highways, Instagrammed sunsets and insightful Twitter conversations. She tweets as @tallulahlucy.

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