Calling this Samsung ES9000 a TV doesn’t do it justice

Who doesnt want one ?What every home needs - Samsung ES900

Who would not want this insane 75inch (not a typo) Samsung Smart TV ?

You have to see this in real life to appreciate the quality of what this TV is. Even using the word “TV” seems so last centaury and out of place when referring to the ES9000.

“When consumers enter the premium TV market, they should not have to make any compromises when it comes to quality, functionality, features and sophisticated design,” said Justin Shaw, Business Leader for Visual Display at Samsung SA. “The ES9000 was designed with these high expectations in mind, making it simply beyond comparison.”

With the large TV of the past, you expect to have a massive depth to house all the various components, however not with ES9000. It is only 36.2mm “thick” with its curved curved bezel and no visible seams, cleanly complementing the TV’s display stand.

So what is under the hood ?

The ES9000 includes the complete suite of Samsung’s Smart TV features including:

  • Smart Interaction
  • Smart Content
  • Smart Evolution

These features enable users to control and interact with their TVs in a more intuitive way, choose from a broader range of premium and signature content that can be shared across multiple devices, and access the latest hardware and software features to constantly receive updates on their Smart TVs.

Unless you knew that it existed you would not be able to see the cleverly hidden and integrated built-in HD camera – it is hidden within the top of the bezel and is invisible when not in use.

Can’t find the remote ? No problem – simply chat to your new best friend and the Samsung Smart TV changes the channel. for a perfect add-on partner, I wonder if you could partner this up with the Galaxy Note 10.1’s infrared remote and you are really cruising – especially with the All Share facility…

Sound Share is the newest feature from Samsung that automatically and wirelessly connects TV audio to Samsung’s Series 6 and Series 7 Wireless Audio with Dock Systems.

The new dual-core processor allows consumers to download and use multiple apps while browsing the Web. The line between TV/ PC/ Internet is becoming more and more invisible…

“Certainly Samsung are a leader in the TV market and this product is yet another way we are demonstrating our innovation, in bringing to market a TV that is highly premium, sophisticated and sets a benchmark for large screen TVs locally,” concludes Shaw.

The Samsung ES9000 is available at selected premium retailers at recommended retail price of R109 000.

If that is just out of your Christmas budget, why not got for the equally impressive 55inch at R35 000 or the 46inch at R22 000 ?

In my opinion, Samsung TV should really come with a WARNING: “Once you had the Samsung TV experience, you will not be able to watch any other TV….ever!”


55inch at R35 000 or the 46inch at R22 000 75inches and only 36mm thick ? Range of USB, HDMI options

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