Breaking News: 53 millions domains at risk as GoDaddy has been hacked

Breaking news:’s DNS servers have been taken down. This means that not only is‘s main site unreachable but any site that is hosted by GoDaddy is also not accessible either.

GoDaddy is down

Checking out GoDaddy’s Twitter account, it has been confirmed that there are issues:

GoDaddy is down

So what’s going on ?

It seems like this an attack by the leader of Anonymous who has done this in his personal capacity however this is not verified. As we have seen recently anyone can take credit for anything. Until further info becomes available this is the message that sparked it all :

GoDaddy is down

more info to come as it develops….


As GoDaddy is a source for small business who purchase their startup packages it seems like not everyone is all that happy about the block of DNS servers being taken down. Websites that dont even host with GoDaddy but use them as their DNS server will also be down. I can assume that this means email systems will also stop functioning due to this hack. This has left many businesses asking themselves with who should they host now ?

Example of casualty in this war is a site like

I would estimate that amount of websites taken down is actually millions and not thousands. Its been reported that GoDaddy hosts over 53 million domains!

Its seems like we are in for a long one – great to see that the architecture of the Internet is so well designed ! (note the sarcasm ?)

One thing that has been very successively proven, is that you can protect your own equipment/ servers/routers however the nature of the internet is that it relies on others. Take out the upstream systems, and you and your “secure” equipment are poked !

As a side note : @AnonymousOwn3r has 1400 followers at the time I first posted this, now less than an hour later his followers shot up to almost 3000 (still not 100% convinced as this is not Anonymous style but I could be wrong)

update 11/9/2012:

its getting interesting now…GoDaddy released a statement on their website saying that they were not hacked but there was a “series of internal network events that corrupted router data table”

So it wasnt a hack after all, but rather a technical issue…

or was it ?

Hacked or no hack – one thing is for sure, the trust in GoDaddy has been shaken and many clients have voted with their feet moving their hosting elsewhere.


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