“BRB – someones at the door…” Osama Bin Laden Facebook status…


BRB= Be right back.  Eh… no that didn’t happen. 40 Minutes later the world  population was one  minus Osama Bin Laden and the US Navy Seals like this

I would like to introduce you to ReallyVirtual:


ReallyVirtual is the Twitter name that  Sohaib Athar is using who is based in Abbottabad Lahore Pakistan where Osama was found.

ReallyVirtual was Tweeting at the time that the US Helicopters landed and he unwittingly became the first person to live blog the events of that evening.

Here is what he reported without knowing he was reporting about Osama’s death:




He now has over 100 000 Tweeter followers and is inundated with requests from main stream media to grant them interviews.

He continues to upload photos which he takes with his cell phone.

What is important to remember is that he is NOT a journalist. In fact he is an IT techie who happened to have chosen Abbottabad as a place to take some time out it as nothing really happens there…famous last words…

What was very interesting is the way in which people found out about this braking news.

In a Poll that Mashable held you can see that Twitter @ 29.67% and Facebook @ 20.25% were the main mediums of how people heard about this event. Television was @ 17.43% which came in after “other sources” @ 18.04%.


This kind of poll has been conducted by numerous websites and companies and the result seem to reflect the same thing – Twitter was the main catalyst to spread the news !

What we can learn from this is that the way we consume information has changed. We are no longer satisfied with waiting for the “top of the hour” for the news headline. We want information and want it now. We are even prepared to accept that information might be badly written, poor quality video and shaky sound bites – but as long as we are getting the information with the immediacy we want, we are happy to accept it.

as for Osama Bin Laden – you have to to admit Jihadist comming 🙂

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