Blackberry Balance: separate Work and Personal space and other key highlights

I have been following RIM’s annual BlackBerry Jam Americas developer conference that just ended and I noticed a feature that I havent seen before on Blackberry 10: Blackberry Balance.

Blackberry 10 - Blackberry Balance

It seems like RIM has recognised that Blackberry users use their mobile device for both personal usage and for work and so they have created the ability to segment the phone for Work and Personal use. At a swipe of a finger, you notice two buttons that pop out: “Work” and “Personal” as you tap the one of the other, the related apps and info are revealed accordingly:

Blackberry 10 - Blackberry Balance

This is extended to the BlackBerry Hub, Contacts, and Calendar. In the BlackBerry Hub, you’ll be able to see work and personal emails, messages, social media activity, and more. If the work space is locked, only personal messages will appear. Similarly, in the Calendar application, work events appear as locked events until the work space is unlocked.

Blackberry 10 - Blackberry Balance

I am looking forward to seeing more of the Balance feature and seeing how IT administrators can finally separate and control the “work” element on the device and leave the personal space alone.

Other Highlights from BlackBerry Jam Americas :


  • 80 million subscribers (up from 78 million in the last quarter)
  • 60 million BBM users (up from 56 million in the last quarter)
  • 60 million Facebook for BlackBerry users
  • 105,000+ apps for sale in BlackBerry App World (double the amount from this time last year)
  • BlackBerry developers currently generate, on average, 4% more revenue per app/per month than iOS developers, and about 40% more revenue than Android developers (Vision Mobile)

BlackBerry 10:

  • At the core of BlackBerry 10 is Flow, a new kind of mobile user experience that removes the ‘in and out’ experience of applications to enable the user to flow through applications
  • BlackBerry 10 will have an all new version of BlackBerry App World (including apps, games, music, TV and film) and web Browser
  • BlackBerry Balance provides separate work and personal spaces so organizations can control corporate data but without affecting the personal user experience
  • All major global social networks confirmed for BB10 (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, foursquare)

Developer updates:

  • New Dev Alpha B devices created to support demand for Dev Alpha devices (over 5,000 seeded to developers so far)
  • Global Tech Centres for developer community to open in several locations, including London
  • Developers can begin submitting BB10 apps to App World from October 10

Reinforcement of $10k developer commitment initiative:

  • certified ‘Built for BlackBerry’ stamp will differentiate this app in App World, signalling a higher level of quality
  • app must be on sale in App World by 21 January 2013
  • if app earns at least $1k for developer, but less than $10k in the first year, RIM will make up the difference

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