Blackberry 10 Tip: How to add your own keyboard phrases

The Blackberry 10 keyboard has received worldwide attention. When you use it you realise just how good it is and just how quickly and naturally the “flicking” of the words becomes.

Just like most people, I find myself using the same phrases repeatedly so I set out to see if I could create shortcuts for my Frequently Used Phrases. After  bit of tapping around, I discovered that the Z10 has this as an option. Not just adding custom words to dictionary but being able to add custom phrases too.

How to add your own keyboard shortcuts:

1. pull down the menu and tap on Settings

2. Select Language and Input

Blackberry z10 - Keyboard Tip

3. Tap on Automated Assistance

4. Tap on Word Substitution

Blackberry z10 - Keyboard Tip

5. Type the shortcut and then the New Word/ Phrase and tap on Save.

Blackberry z10 - Keyboard Tip

For example:

I added – rl which is replaced with Running late. I also added omw which is replaced with On my way . So now a a simple tap on the scape bar I get a whole phrase.

Blackberry z10 - Keyboard TipBlackberry z10 - Keyboard Tip

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